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Please complete each field that may be required for your case.

Please CLICK  the add another product  button in section 3 below, if any input field is shown in white.

you will only be able to see your own member submission(s) and correct your own.

Please submit only one product per submission line at a time for the same or a different invoice.

Provide Return Product Details (e.g. Problems/Issues/Customs Costs)

Maximum Image & Video File Size 25 MB

Uploads can take a few minutes to be displayed depending on your internet speed.

When the upload is completed, your product(s) images and videos will be displayed.

you can CLICK on the product row to edit the content fields .

Please label file(s) with invoice number, then your name, and a document title .

example: 10001_Ingrid_Fjore._damagedcamera.jpg/pdf/mov/mp4

For Diamond VIP Members Use the document fields for Customs Fees & Duties Receipt Uploads.

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Upload Image
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