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MXL POP LSM-9 Dynamic Vocal Microphone

MXL POP LSM-9 Dynamic Vocal Microphone

SKU: RG-C220104-ABS-MOQ1-MIC-00002
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The MXL Pop LSM-9 Microphone is a brightly colored dynamic stage mic that bridges the gap between the professional stage and karaoke systems. Perfect for on-stage performers looking to stand out, the Pop LSM-9 uses high-quality components to produce a remarkable sound, and is specially crafted to cancel vibrations and handling noise for a clean, clear performance. Bands, vocal groups, and pro karaoke singers alike will be impressed with the Pop LSM-9's clear sound and durable, all-metal construction that is built to last night after night.



  • Premium dynamic capsule for high-quality vocal performances.
  • Super cardioid polar pattern for clear sound and reduced feedback.
  • Designed to actively cancel vibrations and handling noise.
  • Durable, all-metal construction.
  • Perfect for stage and home use.
  • Professional XLR input.
  • Technical Specifications

    Type: Dynamic
    Frequency Response:   50Hz -18kHz
    Polar pattern: Cardioid
    Sensitivity: -74dB (0dB=1V/µbar at 1KHz)
    Impedance: 600 ohms
    Size: 54.9mm x 200mm/2.16 in. x 7.87 in.
    Weight: 363g/0.80 lbs
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