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Professional  ISK BM 5000 Condenser Microphone

Professional ISK BM 5000 Condenser Microphone

SKU: ER-C211104-ABS-MOQ#1-MIC-112113
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BM5000 internal use precision electronic circuit control and pure aluminium coating large vibrating cartridge. Using heart to pickup and highly sensible output.low noises and wide dynamic range. Profession use for recording studios, broadcasting stations, stage performances, electronic music television production, home computers record and so on.
  • 1.1 inch large diaphragm cartridge
  • The patent technology of pure aluminium coating big vibrating cartrige.
  • Using low pass filter and -10 dB ATT
  • Low noises, high dynamic, high sound pressure.
  • Streamlined appearance design, elegant, generous.
  • Using zinc alloy material and alu material network head design,  more solid structure.
  • Apperance adopt treatment technique of the lacquer that bake.
  • Technical Specifications



    Monosome :

    Φ34 Pressure type gold coating capacitance cartridge

    Polar pattem:



    - 32db±2db

    Frequency Range:


    Output Impedance:

    55Ω ± 30%

    Max SPL :

    130 dB (at 1 KHz <= 1% T.H.D)



    ENL :

    14 dB

  • Package Contents

    1 x Microphone
    1 x Shock mount
    1 x  Leather bag
    1 xcase package
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