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ISK S600 Rocket Condenser Microphone

ISK S600 Rocket Condenser Microphone

SKU: ER-C211104-ABS-MOQ#1-MIC-112117
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The S600 condenser microphone with internal patented technology, precision all-electronic circuit control and Ф25mm diameter large film sound head, with a good heart-shaped pickup and high sensitivity output, low noise, wide dynamic range




  • Ф25mm diameter with a large film sound head;
  • special sound head and structural design, the use of computer sound card 5V power supply and 48V fantasy power dual-use, built-in switch, easy to use;
  • good line design, with high sensitivity, low noise, wide dynamic range and other characteristics;
  • body and shock mount aluminum alloy design, greatly reducing the weight of the product;
  • ultra-luxurious shock-proof frame and integrated metal spray-proof cover design, improve product quality;
  • body and shock mount using oxidation-level surface treatment process to enhance the product surface texture.
Color: Black
  • Technical Specifications




    Ф25mm large film sound head,



    Frequency response:



    -36dB ± 2dB (0dB = 1V / Pa at 1kHz)

    Output impedance:

    200Ω ± 30% (at 1kHz)

    Load impedance:

    ≥ 1000Ω

    Equivalent noise level:

    16dB A

    Signal to noise ratio:


    Upper limit sound pressure level:

    135dB (at 1kHz ≤ 1% T.H.D)

    The use of voltage:

    5v computer sound card power supply and 48V phantom power dual-use

    Overall dimensions:


    Monomer weight:

    about 793 grams (including shock mount and anti-spray cover)

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