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Aputure LS600D PRO Daylight LED Light (V-Mount)

Aputure LS600D PRO Daylight LED Light (V-Mount)

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The LS 600d Light Storm Daylight Point Light Source from Aputure is a powerful COB LED fixture with expansive power and control options and output comparable to a 1200W HMI. The precision fixture has a solid 5600K color temperature with a high CRI/TLCI rating of 95, that's great for location shooting outdoors, or in areas dominated by other daylight-balanced fixtures such as HMIs. Besides power, control is a driving force in the design of the 600d.The light also has a myriad of wireless control methods, including Aputure's 2.4GHz remote, the Sidus Link mobile app, and the built-in wireless DMX control. While you can make adjustments locally on the fixture, you can also make them wirelessly from 0 to 100% at a distance via any of these methods - a real attribute for lights mounted overhead or in hard to reach places.


Key Features
  • Color Temperature: 5600K, CRI/TLCI: 95
  • Wireless DMX, Bluetooth Control
  • Dual Battery Plate: 14.4, 26, 28.8V
  • Comparable to a 1200W HMI
  • Light Can Charge V/Gold Mount Batteries
  • 8 Built-In Lighting Effects
  • AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz, IP54 Weatherproof
  • Technical Specifications

    CCT 5600K±200K
    CRI ≥96
    TLCI ≥96
    CQS ≥94
    SSI (D56) ≥72
    Power Consumption ≤720W
    Operating Current 8A
    Operating Voltage (Power Supply) 100V~240V, 50Hz/60Hz
    Operating Voltage (Battery): V-Mount / Gold Mount (Two Batteries) Half Output 12.5V-16.8V (14.4/15A) 22V-33.6V (26V/8.5A, 28.8V/7.5A)
    Operating Voltage (Battery): Voltage V-Mount / Gold Mount (Two Batteries) Full Output 22V-33.6V (26V/18A, 28.8V/16A)
    Operating Voltage (3-Pin XLR [48V DC]) 48V/15A
    Battery Charging (Voltage) 16.8V/29.4V
    Battery Charging (Amperage) 3A
    Operating Temperature -20°C~45°C
    Control Methods On-board, 2.4GHz, Sidus Link (Sidus MeshTM), 5-Pin DMX512, Art-net, LumenRadio
    Wireless Operating Range (2.4GHz) ≤100m
    Wireless Operating Range (Bluetooth) ≤80m
    Wireless Operating Range (LumenRadio) ≤100m
    Screen Type Adaptive Brightness LCD
    Firmware Upgradeable USB (FAT16/FAT32), Sidus Link OTA
    Cooling Method Active Cooling
    Weatherproofing Dust & Light Rain Resistant
    Cable Type: Max Head Cable Length 6m
    Cable Type: Power Cable Neutrik® powerCON AC Power Cable (6m)
    Accessory Mount Bowens Mount
    Mounting 16mm / 28mm | 5/8in (Baby Pin) / 1.125in (Junior Pin)
    Carrying Case 16mm / 28mm | 5/8in (Baby Pin) / 1.125in (Junior Pin)
    Weight: Lamp Head w/ Yoke 4.64kg / 10.23lbs
    Weight: Control Box (V-Mount) 5.8kg / 12.79lbs
    Weight: Control Box (Gold Mount) 5.8kg / 12.79lbs
    Weight: Lightning Clamp 670g / 1.48lbs
    Weight (Total w/ Case) 18.2kg / 40.12lbs
    Dimensions: Lamp Head w/o Yoke 30.8*15.61*15.01cm / 12.13*6.15*5.91in
    Dimensions: Lamp Head w/ Yoke 30.8*25.03*45.6cm / 12.13*9.85*17.95 in
    Dimensions: Control Box (V-Mount) 32.41*17.9*14.28cm / 12.76*7.05*5.62in
    Dimensions: Control Box (Gold-Mount) 32.41*17.9*13.27cm / 12.76*7.05*5.22in
    Dimensions: Lightning Clamp 10.35*8.74*12.5cm / 4.07*3.44*4.92in
    Dimensions: Case 62.5*43.5*39cm / 24.61*17.13*15.35in


    Distance 1m 3m 5m
    Bare Bulb 22,150 (lux) 2,600 (lux) 1,020 (lux)
    Bare Bulb 2,058 (fc) 242 (fc) 95 (fc)
    Hyper- Reflector 98,500 (lux) 8,500 (lux) 3,000 (lux)
    Hyper- Reflector 9,150 (fc) 790 (fc) 280 (fc)
    F10 Fresnel (Flood 45°) 89,200 (lux) 11,440 (lux) 4,260 (lux)
    F10 Fresnel (Flood 45°) 8,289 (fc) 1,063 (fc) 395 (fc)
    F10 Fresnel (Spot 15°) 224,200 (lux) 29,300 (lux) 10,580 (lux)
    F10 Fresnel (Spot 15°) 20,836 (fc) 2,723 (fc) 983 (fc)
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