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Before checking out we would like for you to review a few reminders and cautions:

1.) Some countries MAY impose additional import duties (tariffs), fees & taxes.

You (the customer) are responsible for paying these costs in the destination country unless your membership privileges exclude or reimburse you for these costs.

2.) Please check your order for proper size, color, descriptions & quantity required; amongst many other considerations that may not listed here.

3.) Nomad X Cross Border Store has a dual shipping cost integration model (Selection of any model on checkout changes nothing, see below):

a.) For some products, the shipping costs are added after you have completed the purchase. Please
see the Delivery & Warranty panels for each product to review the added delivery cost.

b.) Some products the shipping costs are included in the pre-tax total price. If the delivery and
warranty panel does not list the cost for delivery, then the price has been include in the pre-tax (VAT)

Again, any option to select either delivery method is null and the functionality does not work except cost again can be added as referenced in (a) above.

4.) Members have coupon codes that allow discounts on all products. These member's purchases are screen against the member making the purchase. You are subject to the forfeiture of your purchase(s) and any monies should you make any attempt to use coupon codes to which you were not entitled or you did not have purchased. You agree on checkout to the terms of use and membership policies; and, you are agreeing & accepting the forfeiture of your purchase(s) and monies in any attempt to use any coupon codes to which you were not entitled or purchased. Additionally, you can not be gifted coupon codes or memberships. To purchase any of the three (3) membership tiers, the members ID & information and purchasing instrument (e.g. credit card) must be the same and/or consistent with each member account.

Reminders & Cautions

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