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  • What is the Customer Service Number?
    Singapore SG Customer Service Number +65 31590966 We offer a phone number to reach an actual human being. However, in a globlized world, with hundreds of potential calls inbound all the time. We would caution that hold times maybe excessiive from time to time due to high call volumes. We recommend sending emails as emails are answered generally in order of receipt unless your membership status offers additional customer service benefits. See the buttom of our home page for links to our help pages which outline email addresses for various problems or questions that you may have.
  • Why are you called Cross Border Store?
    Nomad X Cross Border Store offers a wide range of products from many different countries and we pride ourselves on working with vendors & suppliers from all over the world. See our home page if you are a vendor or supplier with a product we might have an interest selling.
  • How do we sort through product(s) on each page?
    Each menu option takes you to a general page of products based on the category selected. The products can be further sub-divided using the sort option menu or the collection menu option on the left of the product category page you are visiting. You can also execute a site seach from the home page.
  • How many membership categories do you offer?
    We offer three (3) membership tiers each with varying discounts and benefits. Diamond VIP Gold VIP Bronze Elite
  • How do I pay for memberships?
    Membership are paid semi-annually and are not automatically charged.
  • Do you make it impossible to cancel the memberships?
    Nomad X Cross Border Store does not engage in trickery to keep your membership active by prolonging the process of cancelation. We will not send you through a series of impossible phone lines to call or require a 30 day notice period. It's your money, you say cancel and that's what we will do within 24th hours. If you paid for a six month membership, it will continue until the end of the paid membership period. You can enjoy your membership benefits for the period of time remaining or have your account completely deleted within 24 hours from receipt of your email ( Please indicate your choice). You will simply submit a request for cancelation to with your full name in your request and if it's received from the email used to join; your account will be deleted within 24 hours. If you are not able to access your original email, we will have to call you directly for security questions or you can let the membership expire and after an additional six month period, your account will be deleted if there's no activity on your account.
  • How are delivery charges calculated?
    Like VATs, Delivery charges are included in the product cost. You can check the Delivery and Warranty Panels for each product for charges that have already been applied to your product price at checkout. Therefore, you will not see a delivery charge on the invoice, it has already been included in the cost of the product.
  • How long will it take to received my product(s)?
    Covid 19 has presented many challenges to shipping and certain geopolitics and trade restrictions have changed the landscape substantially and these factors continues to do so. At present, delivery times vary product, it can be 1-2 days depending on the geographic region or up to 40 days in more remote location. From time to time, we maybe presented with a delivery location that we can not service, if which case we will cancel your order in full (an email will be sent to inform you of the situation and you can elect to have the remaining items sent to you). Please see our Delivery, Returns, Refunds, and Exchange page for a more detailed explanation. Links can be found at the bottom of the home page HERE.
  • Can I purchase a faster delivery by buying a membership?
    At times, on certain products, in certain geographic regions, faster delivery options are available, the highest tier members will experience the fastest delivery times. Please see the membership pages for various membership benefits packages.
  • What happens when I don't receive my product(s) or it arrives broken?
    Please see our Delivery, Returns, Refunds, & Exchange Page for further details. If specific criteria are met, we offer product returns or exchanges or store credit. These determinations are outlined on our website policy pages HERE.
  • Can I receive my product(s) overnight?
    In general, at present, most products are not availble for next day delivery.
  • How do I select the fastest delivery?
    The top tier Diamond VIP Member are automatically sent the fastest delivery on eligible products. General customers are not offered these options.
  • How are taxes calculated?
    Taxes are auto populated by a reputable third-party API which applies taxes.
  • Is VAT the same as the taxes applied on checkout?
    Yes. VAT typically applies to products going to many locations inthe EU, UK, & Norway. You can find links to various TAX/VAT information for the EU, UK, & Norway at the bottom of the home page HERE. VATs are imposed in around 170 countries, whilst the US remains the only major economy with a turnover tax - 'sales and use tax'. They are both complex in parts, but in very different other ways.
  • Why don't you have a more detailed invoice?
    Unfortunately, VATs, import taxes & duties, and shipping costs are constantly moving targets in various parts of the world and/or with various governmental entities. In order to administer the most current information at checkout and integrate all the current software and APIs used to make all the calculations, we are currently limited on the displayed information on the invoices. Hence, shipping costs are accounted into the purchase price of some the products. VATs are then computed separately prior to checkout. The VAT rates are available for EU, Norwegian, United Kingdom citizens, and other parts of the world at checkout or through links available at the bottom of the home page HERE.
  • What about Brexit?
    Please follow the link to the UK tax authorities for the most up-to-date information regarding VATs & Taxes.
  • What about Norway ?
    Plase follow the link below to the Norwegian tax authorities for the most up-to-date information regarding VATs & Taxes.
  • What is GST?
    GST stands for Goods and Services Tax. It’s a form of Value Added Tax that’s charged in countries like Australia, India, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, and Hong Kong. It works more or less the same way as VAT in that it’s a consumption tax that’s imposed upon the costs of goods and services.
  • Where do I send my product(s) for return?
    After you input the product(s) to be returned on the Returns Page, you should receive an email indicating where to send your product(s) for return. Membership tiers offers specific return benefits. See the bottom of our home page for links to our product return page HERE.
  • Who pays for product(s) returns?
    Membership tiers offer varying return benefits, however in general you are responsible for return costs. Please see the bottom of our home page for links to our product return information pages HERE.
  • What do you do with all my data?
    We will never track you, download cookies or other spyware onto your computer. We don't knowingly share or sell your data or meta data in ANYWAY. We may use your information for some in-house customization to better serve the membership at large, however in general your privacy is paramount to us At present, our webpages are hosted by a third-party contract, so we can not guarantee complete data privacy. Unfortunately in the digital age nobody really can, we can only do our best to police where we can any potential leakages to third party apps and hosting sites. But rest assured, Nomad X Cross Border Store has no interest in your data beyond our platform and we will endeavor to do our best to safe-guard your data. Please see our privacy policy for more details HERE.
  • When will you stop using a third party hosting?
    Our expansion plans includes migrating our platform to our own private servers in the future where we can better control the experince you may have with our online store.
  • Do you download cookies to spy on me and collect my data or meta data?
    The simple answer is no. We are mainly concerned with getting you access to the best products on the market and giving you the best product display interface experience in the E commerce space. Stay tuned for our 3D modeling software!
  • Do you delete my information when I cancel my membership?
    We keep your data for six months from last login. The information is exponged from our data base. If you want all your data deleted immediately, please indicate this in your cancellation email to Please provide your full name and if your request is received from your original account email at the time you joined; within 24 hours, your membership will be canceled and information deleted. If you have a six month membership plan, you can enjoy the benefits until the expiry of your plan
  • When will I receive my refund?
    Refunds require that your product(s) are inspected. The criteria for your refund is explained further on the Delivery, Returns, Refunds & Exchange page HERE. Please visit the bottom of the home page to find links to the applicable page.
  • Can I have my refund sent to my bank account?
    In general no, as a part of our fraud prevention. We generally do not refund to sources other than the source used to make the original purchase.
  • Why do you make it hard to simply make a purchase with a credit card?
    In General, if you use Paypal/Rapyds/Oceans, it will offer the fastest check out. However, unfortunately, we do see a small number of fraudualent purchases based on stolen credit cards information. We want the user to match with the credit card they are using for purchases. As such, we may require two (2) photo of the credit card next to a clear government issued picture ID and the credit card next to the owner's face with numbers facing the camera.
  • Do you offer a manual check out via wire/funds transfer (SWIFT/SEPA) ?
    Yes. We can accept wires/funds transfer from your bank to our business accounts in Europe or Asia for making high dollar purchases or where the user has a preference for making their purchase without a credit card or paypal. You will need to have a drivers license, national ID, or passport. You will submit a photograph taken next to your face. You will be sent an account number, once the funds are received, we will ship the product(s) to the address indicated. For corporate or business entities, you maybe asked to provide incorporation documents with potentially apostile verification. On high dollar purchases over 10,000 Euros, the transmitting bank cannot be a blacklisted entity. Regretably, to comply with normal or routine due dilegnce protocols, we may require additional documentation. Please be prepared for this possibility.
  • What are the payment options available for purchases?
    Paypal, Rapyds, Oceans & Manual Checkout (VISA/MASTERCARD/DISCOVER/AMEX/ALIPAY/UNION) (Please visit the each respective payment processor for additional details and clarification)
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